"Jay is just one of the family....."



"I have seen, met, and worked with some of the greatest photographers this world has ever known, and Jay takes a back seat to no one. . .there are people who take pictures, there are photographers, and then there are the artists. One look at his work will tell you that Jay Fletcher is an artist in a class of his own."

Kenny Rogers


"I saw his pictures. . .and I thought that it was so extraordinary, and I knew that after I had a baby, that I wanted him to photograph her. I needed someone who could capture that spirit...

It was really easy to work with him. . .he really has a hard job, because working with a 1 year old and a 2 year old on a daily basis isn’t easy, and it certainly can’t be as a stranger, and he was really flexible with Brooke and worked with her so well and got into her space and really drew her out.

"Jay is just so easy to be with. . .there’s not one part of him that is disarming or disinterested. He’s all about those moments when he's capturing what it means to be a part of your family.

Every time I walk past the pictures, it just warms my heart and I have to look at each one of them. . .it really touches my heart. It's amazing how quickly life can change, and so it’s important to be able to take those moments that are really meaningful and see your family.”

Mary Kay Guillaume


“When you get to be my age (94) you tend to acquire a lot of possessions, but I must say the most prized possession I own is the portrait that jay took of me and my grandchildren."

Saul Mallen

holyfield-029 copy 1.jpg

"My husband and I came in, and we did photos together, and I did some by myself... I trusted Jay, I mean literally, the minute I walked in here and I met him. I didn’t believe that he would let me go wrong. He's so energetic, and so friendly, and just. . .sweet. As soon as we met Jay. . .he's like your best friend immediately. He just guided me through the process, and it was great.”

Candi Holyfield

Lipman, Joy001-retouch.jpg

". . .all I knew was that I was in a very special place and that he was a very special, interesting, and brilliant young man. . .and I think I'm gonna like this. . .

He put me in the studio, and he did the craziest, funniest things. . .I just let him do whatever he wanted, and whenever he told me to put on an expression or something, it seemed so easy to just follow what he wanted me to do. . .I can't explain it. . .the most unexplainable things are the most beautiful things. . .it was a wonderful experience...

What he must have seen inside of me, he caught on the outside. . .and that's Fletcher. . .his soul was giving him the incentive to do this beautiful work that I haven't seen anywhere else in any art gallery, ever."

Joy Lipman


"He sees sort of inside that person or he can make the inside of that person shine. . .and that's, I think, what sets Jay apart. . you'll see the quintessential elements of that person. That’s why I brought my sons to Jay. I wanted him to capture not only what he thought, but what my sons thought their quintessential elements were and capture that moment in time and let me keep it for the rest of my life.

They’ re two brothers who love each other, but he caught them arm wrestling each other, and that tension between them that sort of leads to that ‘best of friends, worst of enemies' kind of thing. Here they are, shirts off, you know, muscles cranked and showing truly that these are two brothers who love each other, but there's always that ‘wrestlin’ going on.

I don’t know that there’s a whole lot more important than capturing that sense of who that person is and letting you love them, you know, in that way. Instead of turning on the TV or something, just look at the pictures displayed in my dining room. . .you see something a little different in the picture each time that you look at it. He did exactly what I would have wanted, and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted other than that I wanted someone to show them in the way that I see them, and just picking up a camera and pushing a button doesn't do that. I was an amateur photographer, but I saw the way he captured the people, and I knew some day that I wanted him to take pictures of my family."

Bill Mayfield

Reynolds, Burt-006P.jpg

"Jay Fletcher is one of the best photographers that I have ever worked with, and I have been fortunate enough to have worked with what I consider the best in the world.”

Burt Reynolds


“I was enthralled when I saw the work. I mean, he’s an incredible artist and a wonderful person. . .I do think that Jay Fletcher is probably one of the greatest photographers in the country...I think he’s an artist. . .I know he is. Jay's found his niche, and it shows. The picture that I chose was one that I would never have thought that I was going to choose because. . . I didn’t even know that he had taken it!

Traveling around the country as much as I do, many people know Jay Fletcher. . .I do think that Jay Fletcher is one of the most talented people that I know, and I know a lot of very talented people. He’s a great guy. He’s a good friend."

Derwood Fincher


"I have no idea how we ever met. . .He's done some portraits with my grandsons that were terrific. I mean he was terrific with the kids. . .and he got some interesting looks out of the kids. . .I remember when we were in that little room on the side and he was playing the proofs, or whatever you call them. . . and my daughters were there also, and the first shot, you could hear an audible sigh from my daughters. . .I don’t know how he did it. He just got it out of the kids...I think he gets kind of ’in you’... He has an idea of what people on the outside see in you which is different from what you see in yourself. . .he kind of brings out what other people see in you. I look at it and go ’Oh, isn’t that interesting. You know, I didn't know that that little look was mine...

It's all to me creativity. . .I think he is an artist. He just doesn’t use a paint brush.”

Norm Shrutt


"My husband and I...saw a display of Jay Fletcher’s work and our eye just fell on this beautiful photography of a man and his children and my husband looked at it for a minute and it was like ’wait a minute, I know them.’

They were friends of ours and we were captivated initially just by the beautiful photography and then drawn into it when we realized that we knew the people in the picture. . . .you now in a world of color and HD and 3D and all this hi tech, there’s just something really mesmerizing about the simplicity of black and white. I couldn't stop thinking about the picture and that’s when I thought, ’you know what, I’d love to get a photograph of my own family like that.'

. . .you're in the room with him just a couple of minutes and immediately you feel very comfortable with him. It’ 5 nice. It was my initiation, so I knew I wanted this, but when I walked in the studio and saw all of the photographs, I got so excited. . .at the possibilities. . .he's a master at capturing the presence of a person."

Brenda Wood


"Amazing pictures. . Jay’s pictures are me. . .I love them. . .it’ probably the prettiest picture of me ever because its what you see talking to me, what my family sees, what my friends see. . .and it wasn't even a look that I would even consider or ask him to take of me of me, but that’ s where Jay's artistry comes into play. . .he just snapped it when he thought the time was right. . .I think Jay was born to do exactly what he does, without question. . .His passion is exactly where it belongs, in photography. He’s an incredible artist. . .He captured a moment of me being the real me."

Kim Zolciak