The Passion of Life

The Passion of Life is a 144 page coffee table book that is signed and numbered by the artist. You may purchased a copy by sending an email to jayfletcher@me.com. $125 with Free shipping to USA

Below are some examples of what is on the inside of the book as well as quotes from the subjects.

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Author’s Notes

The photographs in The Passion of Life were printed using old darkroom techniques with new tools. Mastering this new technology is a challenge, but when you get it right; wow, is it ever great! I never would have believed that I would not be shooting film in my lifetime as a professional photographer, but guess what; the time has come. With the help of my good friend, Eddie Tapp, I converted each image for the pre-press techniques that were needed to print The Passion of Life. The images in this book were shot both with film and with a digital back, but the key for me was the ability to use the same cameras for both - Hasselblad and Mamiya. Those of you with a trained eye will be able to distinguish between the two. All I know is this photographer will never go back to film; digital is that good!

I like to concentrate as much as I can on my subjects rather than the equipment, so my lighting is simple; most of the time one light, maybe two. I also like to move from hard shadows to highlights with very little fall off but my main area of concern is, and always will be, the face and areas of the body that I want you to see. As with all black and white printing, keeping the detail in the shadows is a challenge. If you see no detail in these areas, there was no detail in the original print.

Most of all, I strive to capture the spirit of the moment and do justice to the personalities of my subjects. Communication is always the key, letting my subjects open up and talk about their personal interest. In so doing you break down barriers and hopefully capture an image that is honest, truthful, and passionate.

I hope you enjoyed The Passion of Life, A Photographic Journey.

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“One of the most profound moments of my life was the day I saw my husband hold our daughter for the first time. I knew that I was looking at the two most precious things in the world to me.

Coming from a broken home, I never knew how powerful a father’s love could be. One of the greatest things I’ve given my children is their father. The greatest thing they’ve given me is unconditional love.


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“From day to day, I find joy in the “simple things” — kissing a “boo-boo”, tying a shoe, making Play-Doh snakes and lizards, finding rocks in the pockets of my jeans, or crawling into bed and discovering a train under my pillow.

My prayer is that my faith, love, and guidance will touch my boys’ hearts and steer them through life when I’m no longer here to hold their little hands."


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“How wonderful it is to become a mother and experience a love so pure and unconditional."


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I had a bag full of clothes and I ended up wearing a table cloth!”


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"I'll never forget the day I saw my son for the first time. He is the most precious gift - my baby, my life, my everything, and our future."


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"Holding her, it takes our breath away...that the Lord trusts us with His precious baby."

Jonathan and Lori

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About my pregnancy: It was the amount of fear that surprised me... fear of another miscarriage… fear of a stillbirth. I wasn't as worried that something would be wrong with the baby as I was that he wouldn't survive the pregnancy. And knowing that my chances of a normal pregnancy would require an actual miracle, I didn't know if I could survive trying over and over again.

Now, we thank God every day for the true blessing and miracle that we have received in Lucas. Here’s my favorite quote from our adorable son, at the age of four: "I love you more... I love you all the way up to God."


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“Having our first child has redefined what love means to us. In one word, it's simply... unconditional. No matter the tears, fears, moans or groans, there is no greater joy than the sound of his laughter. From the moment we set eyes on him and he let out his first sigh... we were absolutely and completely in love. From that day forward our lives were forever changed. And we wouldn't have it any other way.”

Rob and Shawn

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“It wasn’t until my husband and I met with the mid-wife and heard our son’s heartbeat that we really believed we were having a baby. My husband said that he sounded like a freight train and, for awhile, that’s how we referred to him.

My husband bought some of his favorite childhood books and began to read to me and our baby each night. Singing and talking to my belly became our nightly ritual – we wanted to let this wonderful baby know how much he was loved.

I began to notice that people are kinder to pregnant women. Strangers smiled at me for no apparent reason. People offered to open doors for me; to carry my groceries; even to help carry my tray at restaurants.